CBD For Pets

cbd for pets

CBD for pets – it can calm, soothe and relieve their pain. The fact that it’s from the marijuana plant shouldn’t put you off! Follow our super easy guide to understand how CBD can help your pet, why it’s legal and totally not dangerous, and where to buy CBD treats your pooch will love!

What is CBD Oil? And Why Are Pet Parents Loving It So Much?

Pet parents are loving it for it’s truly jaw-dropping medicinal effects. This particular cannabis medicine is not dangerous, it’s not going to get pets high and it’s completely legal.

It’s People Safe, but is it “Pet Safe”?

Yes, it’s safe for humans and animals. Ask your vet.

With every passing day, CBD/hemp oil is helping more and more pet owners. Vets may even recommend it, particularly for pooches with chronic pain. While there’s controversy around medical marijuana and how getting “high” can actually help, there is solid anecdotal evidence that CBD has medicinal properties and can be safely used to treat a HUGE range of ailments in pets.

CBD for Dogs vs Cannabis Oil for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

CBD stands for cannabidiol – a natural substance found in the marijuana/cannabis/hemp plant.

THC and CBD are the 2 big cannabinoids you need to keep an eye out for. THC is the psychoactive substance that gives you the high. CBD is the substance that soothes pain and comes with many awesome medicinal properties.

Full-spectrum hemp oil, or just hempseed oil, is pressed from the seeds of the marijuana plant. Hemp products naturally contain only traces of THC and won’t get you high – but products just labeled hemp oil tend to have lower levels of CBD too, so it’s not great for pet pain relief!

Stick to the CBD oil products that are formulated for pets with the right level of CBD, then you can’t really go wrong.

Looking for the Best CBD Oil for Pets? Honest Paws Has You Covered!

Pet owners take note. THIS is the place to get your CBD for pets products from.

We always recommend Honest Paws because their pet treats are so yum and calculating dosages is so easy. Always do your research if you’re buying CBD products from other/unheard of companies. Make sure you know what’s in the pet products you’re giving your dog!

Delicious and Nutritious: CBD Pet Treats!

Ok, we won’t take away the pleasure of stumbling on their awesome crunchy dog treats enriched with CBD oil (that you can find for yourself in the Honest Paws store)…

…but we will take a moment to talk about their CBD soft chews. Perfect for older dogs that can’t handle the crunch. Pick from:

  • Calming Aid – perfect for seizures, doggy anxiety, nervous trips to the vet and separation anxiety.
  • Joint Support – the best for relieving arthritis in dogs to ease pain during walkies.

On a side note, did you know that 90% of cats over the age of 12 (human years) have arthritis? Cats won’t be interested in these dog treats, but take a look at our CBD oil dosage section below to find out the appropriate CBD dosage to treat your cat’s arthritis!

CBD Drops: 100 % Full Spectrum CBD Oil!

Pure oil goodness!

It’s not for every furry friend – especially those that don’t like taking their medicines – but it is so so so good. The CBD tincture bottle contains 30 doses of oil. Just remember to select the formula you need based on your pet’s weight.

Pssst. It works for cats too.

The Pure Goodness of CBD for Pets Infused Coconut Oil!

Tropical vibes. Pain relief. Easy to mix with Fido’s dinner. What more could you want from a CBD infused coconut oil?

We love how you can use this oil like a topical cream. Apply to cracked paws and aching joints when they’ve not got an appetite!

Pup Peanut Butter Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

Some dogs like coconut oil…

But MOST dogs love peanut butter!

Make all those doggy dreams come true for your furry friend with a creamy peanut butter that tastes good and soothes the pain.

cbd peanut butter for dogs

From Calming a Hyper Pet to Managing Pain: The Pet CBD Oil Benefits List is a Long One!

The A to Z of all the things CBD for pets can treat!

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Grumpiness
  • Inflammation
  • Injury recovery
  • Joint problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Neuropathic disorders
  • Seizures
  • Separation anxiety
  • Short term pain
  • Skin conditions
  • Stress
  • Surgery recovery

The benefits of CBD for pets is potentially endless. This is because CBD oil supports the immune system, helping your animal fight off countless other infections and free radicals (the nasty little things that can cause cancer and rapid aging)!

Can Dogs Get High from CBD Oil?

No. Dogs and cats, even humans, can’t get high from CBD oil. It’s a safe hemp oil that provides “pet releaf” without the marijuana leaf!

It all comes down to CBD and THC.

THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives you the high. Pure CBD oil has no THC at all. Medical cannabis, or any other cannabis products that contain THC, will make your pets high i some way if you give it to them.

cbd for pets benefits

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

The amount of CBD oil you should give your dog depends on the size of your dog, the strength of the cannabidiol oil and the problem you’re treating.

As a general rule, your average dose should be 0.25mg of CBD per lb of pet.

We are in love with Honest Paw’s CBD oil because no matter the size of your pet, the dose is the same.

If your pet is under 25lb, you need the Level 1 CBD oil.

If your pet is 25lb to 50lb, you need the Level 2 CBD oil.

If your pet is 50lb+, you need the Level 3 CBD oil.

Once you’ve got the right level, the average dosage is always the same – 1 full dropper once a day! Impossible to forget.

Watch your pet carefully to work out if you need to adjust the dosage to soothe their pain.

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is super easy to mix up with pet food. Add a few drops to dinner, feed Fido a CBD treat or add a few drops directly under their tongue.

The only rule you have comes down to dosage! Follow the instructions on dose volume and frequency – the rest is up to you.

Are There any Potential CBD Oil Side Effects?

Well, not really.

Even in large doses, the biggest side effect observed is drowsiness until the CBD oil effects wear off. This awesome oil is a non-toxic substance – it’s widely considered to be impossible to overdose on CBD Oil.

Pet owners should still be responsible though! Store your CBD oil away from where your dogs can accidentally drink the whole bottle – or choke on the bottle. Drowsiness isn’t a dangerous side effect by any means, but it can be a frightening experience for your pet if it’s unexpected!

cbd oil for pets

Common Questions on CBD for Pets

Can dogs overdose on CBD oil?

Can cats take CBD oil?

Can CBD for pets help manage pain?

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