Fun Dog Beds

Fun Dog Beds

You’ve seen hundreds of ads for dog beds that all look pretty similar. You end up staring at them, squinting to see the differences. Usually, they’re grey, black, or brown and either a circular donut style or a long, bolster bed.

But why choose between these? There are more options out there that come in different colors, styles, patterns, and more! If you have a fun dog, shouldn’t their bed be fun too? Fun dog beds are the best, let’s get them in our life!

Why Choose a Fun Dog Bed

Pet beds should be as unique as your pooch! There is no rule book that says you have to use the same dog beds as everyone else, you can find the perfect one that matches your pet’s personality.

Fun dog beds or cute dog beds can still have just as much comfort and support as a regular bed and have a little fun added for flair! Dogs are unique after all. It is important to remember that while cuteness is a factor, your pet’s comfort is the most important thing when looking at dog beds, as the American Kennel Club explains. It’s based on our preferences and our pup’s preferences, so let’s have some fun!

Our Top Pick

One of our favorite fun dog beds is the Tordes Shark Bed. This adorable shark bed is a popular pick among Amazon reviewers and it’s for a reason! It features a soft, cushioned inside that can be removed for easy machine washing and a no skid bottom to keep it still on hardwood or tile floors.

The cave styled bed can be collapsed to be used as a regular bed as well, which is a unique feature that allows your dog’s preferences to show through. It is stylish, cute and made of durable materials, making it our top pick for a funny, practical piece of furniture.

What to Consider When Buying a Fun Dog Bed

fun beds for dogs

Your Dog’s Personality

This is very important when picking the perfect bed for your dog! You’ll want a bed that matches their personality. If you have a goofy dog, a funny dog bed, such as a hot dog bed, could be a great choice. If you have an elegant dog, one shaped like a castle could be your choice. Find one that reflects who your dog is! If you have an anxious dog, check out our recommendations for the best calming dog beds here.

Your Dog’s Sleeping Preferences

With any bed, it should suit how your pooch sleeps. If you’ve noticed your dog likes to snooze curled up, donut beds or smaller, circular dog beds could be better. This tends to make them feel safer.

If your dog likes to stretch out and take up more space, longer, bigger dog beds may be best to ensure they can stretch out all of their joints. While cuteness and style are a big factor, so is practicality. Your dog’s size and health will decide if they need a memory foam bed or not.

Your Home Décor

Dog beds shouldn’t have to be plain and boring. We spend a lot of time decorating our home, and a plain brown dog bed may not fit our style. Find a bed that fits your dogs’ needs, but also your home’s style. If you have a very bohemian styled room, a tee-pee dog bed could be a great choice for you! If you have a quirky sense of style and love bright colors, a pineapple dog bed may be your perfect fit.

How to Pick a Fun Dog Bed

hot dog dog bed


We’ll admit finding a fun dog bed for a small dog seems to be a lot easier than finding a fun dog bed for a big dog. So if you have a large dog, you may not find your perfect fit on this list, but we have a list of the best big dog beds here.

It’s important to keep your dog’s size in mind as they should be able to fit comfortably in the bed. Depending on the type of bed, they should be able to either curl up or spread out accordingly.

No one likes being cramped in bed, but you also don’t want one that is too big because then it lacks safety. You’d rather have more space than necessary than not enough. Study sizes carefully before purchasing.


Just like with all dog beds, you’ll still want comfort for your pup. A soft, plush material is ideal. Faux fur is a common one for a reason, it is super soft. Other common materials are microfiber, faux wool, suede, etc.

You’ll want material that is easy to clean, comfortable for your pup, and very soft and warm. Trust us, you don’t want to be picking up fluff from inside dog beds all the time. Sometimes an outer waterproof layer is a good choice for dog owners of messy dogs too.


Filling definitely matters in terms of dog beds. Some beds have none, and some are stuffed full. You’ll want to make sure it’s washable to make cleaning easier on yourself. The filling also contributes to support of joints.

If you have an older dog or a dog with arthritis, you’ll want something with supportive filling, such as memory foam. If you have a younger dog, you may be able to get by with just the basic polyester filling.


You never want to spend money on something that doesn’t last. Looking for durability is essential. Look at reviews of the product and see if people mention their fur baby is still enjoying their beds months later. Look for high quality materials, such as suede, that stand up the test of time and wear and tear to ensure you get more bang for your buck. Faux fur is a favorite, but doesn’t tend to last very long.


Accidents happen and pooches are messy. The last thing you want to do is toss out a dog bed because it’s covered in mud from a walk and impossible to clean. Carefully read to see if the bed is machine washable.

Many have covers that come off to be washed, which is convenient. Others are spot clean only, which if you have a clean pooch, could work for you but could be more work too. Check out our favorite washable beds here.


By design, we don’t mean how cute it is, though that is a factor. This means does the bed support your pup? If your dog has joint issues, you may want a lounge bed made of memory foam.

If you have a dog that enjoys curling up, donut dog beds or small tent dog beds could be a great choice. For a dog who loves blankets, dog beds that are luxuriously soft are necessary. Look for support and comfort that fits your dogs’ needs.

Best Fun Dog Beds

1. Younther Pet Hot Dog Bed

Younther Pet Hot Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a funny dog bed, this may be the perfect one for you! What’s on the menu? This hot dog style bed is a hilarious feature in a living room, and perfect for small dogs. This bed is made of microsuede and corduroy, stuffed with polyester for maximum warmth and comfort.

The bottom is skid proof and the whole bed can be machine washed and dried, making it easy to clean. This is sure to be one of the most talked about items in your home and adored by your pup too! It’s one of our favorite dog beds available. If this is the menu, we’ll order five, thanks.

2. Tordes Shark Bed

Tordes Shark Bed

Did someone say Shark Week? This funny dog bed is a cave style in the shape of a more adorable Jaws. This is a perfect pick for a small breed dog or a puppy who loves to curl up tight and cuddle.

It can also turn into a pet sofa by pushing down on the top, making it extremely versatile. The material is imported fibers, durable nylon, and luxurious plush, making the bed extremely comfortable. The bottom is even waterproof and features gripping pieces perfect for wooden floors and the entire bed is machine washable.

It will also look adorable in your home, so it’s a win-win! This is one of the most popular dog beds on Amazon for a reason, folks. This is better for small dogs, but could work for bigger dogs who like to curl up.

3. Colorful House Cozy Black Car Bed

Colorful House Cozy Black Car Bed

If your pup loves a good car ride, this may be the perfect bed for your home! If you have a small dog, this could be the one for you. This adorable Mercedes styled bed is made of fleece and cotton and stuffed full of comfortable materials.

It is machine washable and the bed features many adorable, detailed designs like wheels, mirrors, and more for your furry friend! If you love cars and have car décor, this could compliment your furniture well!

4. Best Friends by Sherri Novelty Pet Huts

Best Friends by Sherri Novelty Pet Huts

Best Friends by Sherri (all rights reserved) is a well known name in the pet bed industry and it’s for a reason. They produce adorable beds with unique features and multiple designs. These huts are best for pets under 15 pounds and offer plenty of warm and comfort.

Check the sidebar to see all the options available, including a camper, a flamingo, a lamb, a mermaid, a mouse, a piñata, and a unicorn. Your pup has a bold personality and one of these novelty designs is bound to match it! They are machine washable and made of ultra soft, plush fabric to keep your pet comfortable and warm. Dogs love this bed and so pet parents.

5. JOYELF Pirate Ship Bed

JOYELF Pirate Ship Bed

Many novelty beds seem to be designed for small dogs, but this JOYELF dog bed is perfect for larger dogs. This bed is made of high quality materials, including suede and faux wool and bolster siding to make sure your pup’s joints are supported and provide maximum comfort similar to memory foam.

One of the best features of this bed is that it can be changed for the seasons. The wool side is perfect for winter and the suede is cooling for warmer summer months. It’s luxurious enough to disguise itself as furniture too. Any pup would enjoy stretching out in this orthopedic bed. As a bonus, this bed also comes with toys for your furry friends to enjoy!

6. Fitlyiee Tart Bed

Fitlyiee Tart Bed

Do you have a pet that is sweet as can be? Celebrate that with this lovely tart bed! Available in two sizes, this bed is velvet soft and even comes with toys for your four legged friend to enjoy. This is a great dog bed option for smaller pets and comes apart easily for washing.

The raised edges provide support for your pet’s neck and joints and the bottom features an anti-skid design to keep the bed in place on tile or wood flooring. The soft cushion bottom is great for pets who love to curl up, snooze the day away and look cute doing it. Dogs will look delectably cute in this choice!

7. MPI Wood Dog Bed

MPI Wood Dog Bed

Do you have a bed hog disguised as a dog? This bed could be perfect for your home! Let your pooch have their own mini version of your bed. The MPI Wood Dog Bed is easy to assemble, resembles a real bed and allows you to pick your own bed and fabric to make it unique!

The side posts allow for your pet to sleep safely and comfortably and you can stain or paint the wooden frame to any color you desire! Make this fun dog bed to match your pet’s personality! Cleanability of this one all depends on the type of bed you buy to go inside it.

8. Quicksilver Pet Bed

Quicksilver Pet Bed

Don’t all dogs love sofas? Give them their own dog sofa! This Quicksilver Pet Sofa is a beautiful piece of furniture that will look great in your home. The dog sofa design is unique and luxurious, made of plush, soft, velvet material.

It has a removable, washable cushion for easy cleaning. The bed also features storage for bones, toys, and other items on the side, making it extremely unique from other beds. The cushion has a memory foam insert that provides plenty of support.

It comfortably fits any pet under 30 pounds and is perfect for small pets who love stretching out to take a nap. It’s one of our favorite dog beds! We may ditch our sofa for this dog sofa. Do dog sofas come in bigger sizes? We’ll take 20.

9. Pickle & Polly Teepee

Pickle & Polly Teepee

Who doesn’t love a good tent? Your pet can enjoy their own with this adorable teepee! Available in three colors, this bed has comfort and longevity in mind. They are made of soft, durable materials that create a cozy warm environment for your pet.

This bed is extremely stylish and would look great in any room of your home. The pillows inside provide plenty of support and are filled with inches of thick material sure to keep shape for years.

The pieces are machine washable and made of very tough materials sure to stand up to the test of a mouthy dog. If you want the best for your furry friends, this is a great choice. All dogs will look cute in this option.

10. NANDOG Insta Fun Bed

NANDOG Insta Fun Bed

Your dog may have a favorite toy, like an elephant or a lamb, and this bed could be a giant version of that! It comes in four adorable designs, including an elephant, a lamb, and a lighthouse. All of these are cave styled beds, where your pup can comfortably curl up inside, feeling safe and warm.

The interior cushion is plush and luxurious, and removable for easy machine washing. If you’re looking for an adorable dog bed for your dog to nest in, this could be the one for you!

Our Final Thoughts

So now you have a good list of cute dog beds to browse. Every pet is unique and their pet bed should reflect that, they’re a family member after all. Whether it’s a dog sofa, a funny dog bed or a designer dog bed, your pet’s comfort is the most important part.

Study your dog’s sleeping patterns and their personality to find the best pet bed for your beloved pooch. That’s how you’ll discover the dog beds that work for you. Check out more tips on finding the perfect bed for your dog here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a funny dog bed?

All the mentioned dog beds are available for purchase on Amazon!

Why should I get a funny dog bed?

Pet beds should be as unique as your pooch! There is no rule book that says you have to use the same dog beds as everyone else, you can find the perfect one that matches your pet’s personality. Fun dog beds or cute dog beds can still have just as much comfort and support as a regular bed and have a little fun added for flair!

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