Types of Dog Beds

types of dog beds

Your dog may be your most faithful companion, but that doesn’t mean it needs to tag along wherever you are. While there’s a misconception that dog beds are an unnecessary expense for pet parents, the truth is canines need their own little space to unwind and relax in.

What’s more, a dog bed can help bring Fido much-needed support and relief depending on its breed, age, and health. Trust us; this is one investment your doggo will thank you for. 

If you’re already on the lookout for dog beds but have no clue about where to start – we’ve got you covered. This feature is devoted to how you can go about selecting the right dog bed and what your options are in terms of style and make. Just grab a comfy seat and stay with us as we lay out all there is to understanding pet beds.

Key Factors in Choosing a Dog Bed

dog beds types

First things first, in this section, we’re going to focus on the factors that’ll help you narrow down the choices to land the best dog bed for your pooch. If you’d rather learn about the types of dog beds available commercially, you may want to skip to the next heading. 

Dog’s Size & Breed

Here’s the thing – one of the most critical aspects of picking out a dog bed is Fido’s size and breed. If you’re the proud owner of a Great Dane or a St Bernard – your dog is going to need an extra-large bed to accommodate its frame. Conversely, smaller dog breeds like Chihuahuas can do well with a compact bed because they’re pretty tiny themselves. 

Another aspect related to breed size is temperament. If your pet is a high-energy dog, then it’s best to opt for a dog bed that’s made of durable materials because of the wear and tear involved. Similarly, some smaller breed dogs, like Chihuahuas, are full of nervous energy and need a bed that’s designed to help them stay calm. 

Dog’s Sleeping Position

Your canine’s sleeping position can not only tell you a lot about its personality but is also a significant consideration when choosing the best dog beds option. Unlike a human bed, dog beds are available in various shapes – be it rectangular, circular, bagel, donut, etc. 

Every design is specifically suited to a particular canine sleeping position. For example, if your pup is a sprawler, who likes to sleep stretched out, then a sizeable rectangular bed will suit just fine. On the other hand, if your pet likes to sleep in the donut position, then a round or a donut-shaped will be highly suitable. Your job is to observe your canine to figure out its preferred sleeping position and keep it in mind when browsing for dog beds. 

Dog’s Age & Activity Level 

You know how you start paying attention to the mattress type as you get older? Well, buying a dog bed isn’t too different. A dog’s age and activity level are other prime characteristics you need to keep in mind when choosing a dog bed. 

The best dog beds not only focus on your pet’s comfort but also offer premium support in terms of pressure points, joints, bones, and muscles. Why? That’s simple – because sometimes canines need a helping hand in terms of orthopedic problems. 

Pet owners need to be aware of their pet’s changing needs according to its age. Older dogs are more susceptible to joint pain and arthritis – which can lead to mobility issues. 

That’s why, if your dog is approaching its golden years, you should think about getting it a bed with an orthopedic dog bed or memory foam. A memory foam dog bed can also be highly advantageous for canines with large frames because it helps with equal weight distribution and keeps the pressure off your pet’s joints and pressure points.

Additionally, suppose your pet is super-active and likes digging or chewing in its bed. In that case, you can consider opting for an elevated dog bed or sturdy bed made to withstand such doggy behavior and make sure it is machine washable so it’s easy to clean.

Dog Beds: The Top 9 Types 

beds types for dog

Alrighty, my fellow pet parent, it’s about the time that you’ve been waiting for. This section is dedicated to discussing the nine most popular dog bed types on the market. 

We’ve tried to create an all-inclusive list that considers traits like breed, durability, temperament, function, etc. In short, there’s something here for everyone. 

Dog Beds by Breeds 

Remember how we said breed is pretty important when it comes to dog beds? Well, you’re about to find out just how critical the ‘breed factor’ is in terms of pet bed products. 

Dog bed brands generally have the same product available in various sizes – suitable from small dogs to larger dogs. That’s because a lot of the time, the needs of canines can overlap despite the difference of breed. 

However, certain breeds require pet parents to be a little more selective. Here’s how. Dogs with heavy-set frames, lean frames, or older dogs – will generally do better with orthopedic dog beds with a memory foam base or composite foam layers because they need extra support in terms of their joints. So, for example, if your pet happens to be a Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, or a Pitbull – it’s best you look at a foam mattress that is at least 3 to 4 inches thick to make sure your pet gets the relief it deserves. The Big Barker brand is an excellent option for large and giant-sized canines.

The upshot is, dog breeds can be rather unique in their needs, and it’s best you conduct a little research of your own about their potential vulnerabilities to be able to get the best dog bed for your furball. 

Health Conscious Dog Beds

Health-conscious dog beds are specifically designed to target particular canine needs. We’ve already talked at length about how orthopedic dog beds, like the Caper Memory Foam Dog Bed (recommended by the chief veterinary officer of Bond Vet), are perfect for pet parents looking to give their pet the support for its pressure points and joints. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Specific dog beds are also designed to tackle temperament-related issues in canines. For instance, if your furbaby suffers from anxiety or isn’t doing too well adjusting to its new surroundings, you can invest in a calming dog bed for great results.

These beds are often round-shaped and feature a raised rim (or edge) design that’s perfect for making your pup feel safe and secure. What’s more, calming beds are also available for large dogs in a bagel-shaped construction to make sure your large pet doesn’t feel left out. 

Besides that, you’re all liable to run into heated and cooling dog beds that are suitable for older dogs with achy muscles or joints and pets that don’t do too well in the heat. 

Durable Dog Beds

Some canines are a handful, awake and asleep. If you have a pet that loves playing rough and shows no mercy to its bedding – you’re going to need a dog bed made with high-quality materials to last. But, you don’t have to be anxious because our editors and dog bed manufacturers have your back. 

Chew-proof dog beds typically include heavy-duty fabric materials that can withstand your pet’s teething displays. Dog experts often recommend brands like K9 Ballistics or Kuranda for their almost indestructible dog beds and pillows. These brands are renowned for their use of materials like ripstop ballistic nylon and 40oz solid vinyl – which can withstand nearly all types of destructive doggy behavior, are easy to clean, and keep your dog comfy to boot. 

Similarly, water-proof dog beds and outdoor dog beds can go a long way with super-hyper pups that are also prone to doggy accidents. As the name suggests, water-proof beds are also suitable for older dogs with incontinence issues because they either feature a water-resistant fabric cover (that’s also machine washable) or a water-protective inner line. 

Outdoor dog beds are perfect for keeping your pup safe from dirt, insects, ticks, bugs, and other outdoor dangers. This type of bed is also great for road trips of all kinds. 

Nesting Dog Beds 

Nesting dog beds are great at calming down nervous canines and providing them with a sense of comfort, relief, and security. Jessica Gore – a CPDT-KA (certified professional animal behaviorist), prescribes a donut bed (along the line of the Calming Dog Bed by Best Friends by Sheri) for canines who love to curl up and don’t mind getting all warm and cozy. 

Not to mention, nesting dog beds are available in several core filling options like memory foam, fiber-fill, etc. While nesting beds are more commonly acquirable for small dogs, you can easily find the best breed size alternatives with brands like Furhaven Pet Products and others. If not, bolster and corner dog beds are also an option. 

Hooded Dog Beds

Hooded or covered dog beds are ideal for snugglers and pets who need an extra sense of security to feel safe. Some canines are more in tune with their wild-side and prefer covered dog beds because it re-creates the feel of being in a den. This instinct links back to canine ancestors – the wolves. 

Much like all pet products and items, there’s no shortage of choice in terms of hooded beds. You can choose between cave dog beds or covered dog beds with detachable blankets – whatever suits your pup the best. 

Temperature Controlled Beds

Temperature-controlled beds are available in two variations: heated dog beds or cooling dog beds. The heated variety is suitable for older canines and pets who suffer joint pain. They’re also great for keeping your pet off of the floor if you live in a country or area with extreme winters.

Conversely, a cooling dog bed results in chilled relief for your pooch during the summer and is also ideal for canines with thick coats that need plenty of ventilation to stay comfortable. 

Dog Beds for Travel 

If you’re on the lookout for a dog’s bed that you can cart around, you might want to consider the option of travel pet beds. These are available in multiple styles, such as dog beds for car, crate beds, or tent beds and are compact and portable enough to travel with in the great outdoors

Dog training experts also recommend pet carriers as travel bed options. That way, you can travel with your pup in comfort and safety while ensuring your pet has a place to snooze no matter where you go. 

Raised Dog Beds

Raised or elevated dog beds generally feature a steel body or PVC frame that allows your pet to rest a few inches off the ground. 

Believe it or not, elevated pet beds are highly suitable for pet parents looking who want their pets to have a restful sleep. That’s because these hammock-style beds encourage even weight distribution and enhance air circulation to regulate your pup’s body temperature. 

You’d think raised dog beds are a bit of a shipping or delivery hazard, but most brands manufacture raised beds to be assembled upon purchase. That means you can add one to your shopping cart at the store without stressing about any related complex installation procedures. 

The raised beds category also includes sofa dog beds – which offer a sizable sleep surface area surrounded by two or three bolsters. Apart from featuring super-soft covers for cozy comfort, these beds are ideal for a large dog that requires back and spine support. 

Unique Dog Beds 

If your canine is the sort who’d appreciate a bed that combines fun time with nap time, you might want to pay attention here. Unique dog beds, like hot dog beds, bean bag beds, sofa beds, and beds with unique designs are sure to brighten up your décor while giving your dog room to move to its heart content. 

There’s no set rule for this category of beds, and they’re available in countless styles and sizes. All you need to do is browse any major retail site like Petco or Amazon and pick the bed you and your doggo like best. 

Standard Dog Beds 

Standard dog beds (like all the categories mentioned here) can be found in multiple sizes and styles. Round Dog Beds, Pillow Beds for Canines, etc., all fall under this heading, and more often than not, these beds are the most economical options on the market, even though the prices of pet products are always subject to change.

However, don’t let the customer-friendly price tag fool you because these beds are not short on features. They still include convenient attributes like removable (and machine washable) covers, non-skid bottoms, etc. 

Our Final Thoughts 

We’ve reached the end of our rights reserved Dog Beds-centric guide, but your pet bed journey may just be beginning. We’ve done our best to incorporate all types of dog beds in this short feature – with some items being endorsed by pet experts and dog trainers. 

However, your canine’s needs are paramount when it comes to picking the best dog bed (just like with dog food or treats). That’s why we recommend focusing primarily on what’s best to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bed for a dog?

The best bed for a dog will typically depend on your dog. Your pet’s age, breed, health, temperament, etc., all critical factors when choosing a dog bed option. However, certain brands like Big Barker, Casper, and Furhaven produce top-quality beds that owners can trust time and again. 

Do dogs really like dog beds?

How well your dog takes to its bed links back to its needs. For instance, canines with lean frames don’t like sleeping on the floor because it puts constant pressure on their joints. Similarly, if your pet likes to be stroked or cosseted at nap time, it may appreciate a donut bed—pets who’re liable to feel hot while sleeping will enjoy a bed with air circulation, and so on. 

Should a dog be allowed to sleep in your bed?

Dogs need to eat dog food, even though they can sort of survive on certain human food. Along the same lines, dogs can sleep in your bed, but it’s best to give them their own private space to relax. If you want your pet close to at all time, and sleeping on the floor isn’t recommended – you can place your dog’s bed in your room and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Where can I buy a good dog bed?

As a customer, you have countless options about where you can buy a pet bed from. You can opt to go to your local Target or Walmart store. However, if you wouldn’t feel safe venturing out during the pandemic, you can choose to purchase a dog bed from an online retail store or sites like Petco and Amazon – which sometimes provide free shipping and gift cards.

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